The Issues

Small London based fashion accessories company London Sock Co. were keen to position their brand correctly from the start. The team were focused on showcasing their high-end products and needed guidance on marketing and branding.

They were passionate about presenting their product in the best way possible to reach their target market.

Our Solution

Our team at ABC Creative looked closely at the market and presented a strategic approach to help develop the London Sock Co. brand.
From assisting with logo development to creating a tailored marketing campaign, ABC were closely involved with bringing the brand to market.
We monitor every aspect of their campaigns allowing us to measure what is working and what is not and adapting where applicable. This ensures we achieve the best results possible.

The Outcome

The campaigns and brand assistance from ABC were well received and considered a great success.
London Sock Co. increased their profits by over 200% in 9 months. Online sales and subscriptions more than tripled and their social and online following grew by 2492%.