The Issues

Itison came to us looking for a creative campaign to launch their region specific daily deal site. The challenge was to create a treatment and take advantage of televisions regional broadcasting within the project budget and production time frame.
Having dealt with other agencies, Itison were looking for a new image to represent the launch and show support to their Scottish customer base.

Our Solution

By handling filming and post production in-house we were able to keep costs down and seamlessly marry our creative treatment with our post production. The decision to create four ads using similar technical and aesthetic solutions allowed everything to remain local but showcase a consistent brand image.
Each ad follows the same formula of delivery regarding deal information, but is composited within the location that the deal is targeting.

The Outcome

We are happy to say the campaign is still being broadcast years later and has had a great response. Itison became the number one daily deal service in Scotland shortly after and is now running a similar campaign with ABC Creative in England.